Ag Education

Education is the key to our future and knowledge is power!  While at the Fair you can learn all about agriculture by visiting the Buffalo Wild Wings KidZone, Master Gardeners & Farmers Triangle, the Honey Bee Demonstrations, and Agricadabra.  We promise you will leave with new knowledge you can impress your friends with! 

Old MacDonald's Barn

Old MacDonald’s Barn started in 1967 with a handful of baby animals exhibited to show which animals were being raised on local farms.  The barn has grown and changed into the animal education area it is today where you can see up close and in person, a wide variety of animals. 

See the differences between an Alpaca and a Llama, an Ox, a Donkey, and more. Be sure to speak with one of our Old MacDonald’s Barn volunteers and learn interesting facts about the farm animals currently residing on farms in our area.

Adventist HealthCare Shady Grove Medical Center Mooo-ternity Ward & Milking Parlor

The Fair will begin with 5 – 9 cows ready to give birth throughout the week.  After the birth, you can see a calf stand on their newborn legs for the first time and bond with their mother.

Check the schedules at the Adventist HealthCare Shady Grove Medical Center Mooo-ternity Ward to see what is happening each day. There may even be a newborn baby to see!

You’ll also witness old fashioned hand milking and modern machine milking on Maple Avenue at select times during the day.  Watch first hand where milk comes from.

Moo U

Moo U guides want to change the way the general public views the production livestock industry. We want people to realize that the animals are more than just a food source. Alternate protein sources are easy to find, but replacements for the byproducts that we use daily are not so readily available. Everyone uses animal byproducts on a daily basis, if you live in a home, use electronics, drive or ride in a car. It is extremely important to educate our youth about where their food is coming from and how it is raised and grown.


Maryland Agricultural Showcase

A first in the nation, the Mobile Science Labratory has shown enormous success in directly teaching the interaction between agriculture and our everyday environment.  Hands-on experiences in Ag Products, Aquatics, and Biotechnology have proven very effective and very popular learning methods.  Located on the Upper Grounds near the Chilly Mall.

Master Gardeners & Farmers Triangle

Visit our Bay Friendly Garden featuring water conservation, native plants, permeable walkways, natural pest management, rain barrels, drip hoses, Xeriscaping, ornamentals, grasses, vegetables, herbs, rain garden, demonstrations and fascinating pollinators.

A Master Gardener will be glad to speak with you so stop on by!

At the corner of Poplar & Hickory Ave. near Building 6


Honey Bee Education

Can you find the queen in the beehive? A beekeeper will be available at various times throughout each day for demonstrations, questions and displays.

Located at the Farmers’ Triangle


Fun and Entertaining Shows Daily at the Pepco Community Stage!

Brad is an Educational & Agricultural Specialist. He entertains and educates Fairgoers, offering four completely different shows:

  • Agricadabra
    Agricadabra teaches Fairgoers about Agriculture in Maryland.
  • Healthy Eating
    Where does Healthy Eating start, with Agriculture! Brad will show how Healthy Eating and Agriculture goes hand in hand.
  • Science of Agriculture
    Science of Agriculture teaches Fairgoers how agriculture works in the 21st century. Yes science can be fun!
  • Going Green with Agriculture
    Going Green with Agriculture demonstrates the importance of Going Green with Agriculture.  By Recycling, Reducing, and Reusing the fundamentals of Going Green, we can help sustain the farm and Agriculture.

Buffalo Wild Wings KidZone

Don’t miss the magical moments you can create in the Buffalo Wild Wings KidZone (located next to the Heritage Building)! The Buffalo WIld Wings KidZone offers action packed events everyday that are geared towards children (infants – 12 years old) that you can enjoy with your family.

Be sure to visit the Ag Education tent and make sure you swing by the corn box.


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