Fair Foodie Awards

The innagural Fair Foodie Awards will take place on opening day of Fair; Friday, August 11th at 6pm at the seating tent across from the souviner booth.  Concessionaires will be serving these items all 9 days of Fair! Check back to see who wins Best Taste and Most Creative!

Almost Heaven Concessions

Name of entry: Cinnamon Roll

Description: Rich buttery dough sprinkled with cinnamon and glazed to perfection.

Location: Upper grounds near Farmer's Triangle


Deep Fried Candy

Name of entry: Deep Fried Smores

Description: Marshmallows deep fried, drizzled in chocolate and dusted with graham cracker crumbs.   

Location: Lower grounds near XFINITY Grandstand

Mercado Street Food By CapMac

Name of entry: Colombian Style Hot Dog

Description: Locally made, grass-fed beef, hot dog, topped with mozzarella cheese, panela candied bacon, crushed salt & vinegar chips, salsa rosada, pineapple sauce, and a quail egg.

Location: Lower grounds near XFINITY Grandstand

Chic Crepe

Name of entry: Granny Smith Apple & Brie

Description: Slices of Brie, Chopped Green Smith Apple, Roasted Walnut, plus topped with a drizzle of Honey and Chopped Parsley as a garnish. 

Location: Upper grounds near the Chilly Mall

Chocolate Moonshine

Name of entry: Banana’s Foster Fudge

Description: Our Banana’s Foster Fudge is made with pure bananas and walnuts.  All of our fudge is hand-made in small vats with organic products, is low in sugar, and gluten free.

Location: Upper grounds in the Chilly Mall

Lapps Candy

Name of entry: Turtle

Description: Pecans smothered in caramel with chocolate poured on top.

Location: Upper grounds in the Chilly Mall

New Orleans Style Snowball

Name of entry: Summer Delight

Description: A sno-ball is a New Orleans confection made with finely shaved ice and flavored cane sugar syrup. ... Moreover, in a snow cone the flavored syrup sinks to the bottom of the cup; while in a snow ball the ice absorbs the syrup. So, with that being explained, New Orleans Style Snow Balls' "Summer Delight is made with the softest snow with real cane sugar both sugar and sugar free flavors topped with gummy worms.”

Location: Upper grounds near the Buffalo Wild Wings KidZone

Phelps Concessions

Name of entry: Krispy Kreme Doughnut Cheeseburger

Description:"Just what the Doctor ordered"  We start with a hand shaped 1/3lb beef patty seared to perfection and top it with a freshly fried egg, your choice of cheese, and crispy bacon. All gently nestled in between two warm Krispy Kreme Doughnuts.  You'll thank us later :)

Location: Lower grounds near XFINITY Grandstand

Smokin' Joes BBQ

Name of entry: Carolina Smokie Extreme

Description: A TWO FOOT smoked spicy sausage topped with bacon, mac n cheese and pulled pork.

Location: Lower grounds near XFINITY Grandstand


Name of entry: Birthday Cake Funnel Cake

Description: The birthday cake funnel cake is our made from scratch funnel cake topped with your favorite birthday icing and sprinkles on top! 

Location: Lower grounds near XFINITY Grandstand


Name of entry: Candied Strawberries

Description: The candied strawberries are dipped in our family's secret recipe of our red candy apple candy. Served on a skewer for easy eating!! "Makers of the Old Original Candy" 

Location: Lower grounds near XFINITY Grandstand


Name of entry: Caramel Apple Ice Cream Sundae

Description: The caramel apple sundae is warm cinnamon apples topped with a warm caramel sauce and kosher real dairy vanilla ice cream! 

Location: Lower grounds near XFINITY Grandstand


Name of entry: Deep Fried Pineapple On A Stick

Description: It’s pineapple on a skewer, dipped in funnel cake batter, deep fried.

Location: Lower grounds near XFINITY Grandstand

Bubba's Bacon

Name of entry: Bacon Wrapped Grilled Cheese (The Man Sandwich)

Description: This grilled cheese is not your typical grilled cheese.  We start out with 2 slices of super thick Texas toast. Then we fill it with white American and Swiss cheese. Lastly we wrap 8 pieces of freshly sliced bacon around it.

Location: Lower grounds near XFINITY Grandstand



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